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My Therapy Cards

Adult Reflection Set - Women's Edition

Adult Reflection Set - Women's Edition

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This set includes:

  • SINGLE DECK of Adult Women's My Therapy Cards 
  • ONE Adult Women's My Therapy Cards Journal  

There are two purchasing options for this set! You have the option to purchase the Reflection Set for yourself or someone you love. You also have the option to DONATE a Reflection Set to woman of color, who will be chosen by our company. 

Do NOT select the donate option if you want to purchase the set for someone you love! Instead, select the regular set option.

See the Option descriptions below:

  • REGULAR REFLECTION SET - when you select this option, you are purchasing one single deck of the Women's My Therapy Cards AND one adult women's Journal. Select this option if you want to purchase this for yourself or someone you love!
  • DONATE A BUNDLE - when you select this option, you are purchasing one single deck of the Women's My Therapy Cards AND one adult women's Journal to be anonymously donated to a woman of color, who will be selected by our company. Do not select this option if you want the set sent to someone you love. Instead, select the Regular Reflection Set.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Really A Great Option For Inner Work

The questions are very thoughtful and I like the journal that goes along with it as well. I’m only two cards in and I already feel that it’s a great addition to my journey of self discovery and internal happiness and peace! Definitely would recommend

Comfort Nyeswah-Wiafe

Adult Reflection Set - Women's Edition

Bonita Kitt

I have purchased several sets for gifts. I will continue to purchase more as time and finances will allow.

Already in love with MyTherapy Cards

Such a great reflection tool! So glad I made the purchase. I'm looking forward to purchasing for my teen as well.

Ny'ilah Whitaker
Getting out my emotions, getting into communicating

The very first card I drew helped me deal with feelings of insecurity in a better way than I expected. The guy I am dating I was having disagreement (in my eyes) and trying to explain myself was like me tripping over my own tongue. My emotions, my head, and heart were all over the place and I found myself getting really angry. I was not listening to my thoughts, emotions, and feelings at all. I was not listening for the deeper clues and meanings for the why of my hurt and the disagreement. I just wanted to yell and be heard. When the woman and child inside me needed to heard (by me) more. Needless to say, he and I are fine now. He and I see things so differently and communicating deeper emotions can be really scary and hard when the conversation gets personal about decisions I made in a pervious time. Thank you so much for creating cards with questions that I would not ask or even think of asking myself. I hope you make a couples deck or a relationship deck for people in any kind of "ship" where communication is key. I forget to mention that the journal is just as AMAZING as the desk!!!!!! Take Care! Happy Creating! Ny'ilah