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  • "Easy to Understand"

    "My Therapy Cards are amazing! They are easy to understand; compact enough to have on the go; and insightful. Each card provides a different way for me to gain personal insight, so sifting through the deck never gets boring. Above all, many of the tasks are helping me to identify patterns in my behaviors/habits, while giving me the courage to be my true, unfiltered self. I take my deck with me EVERYWHERE! I highly recommend." - Bionka

  • "Representation is Paramount"

    "I pre-ordered two decks of these Therapy Cards when I learned of them from LinkedIn. I gave one to my friend who is a Black LMFT, and the other to my friend that recently began therapy with a Black Therapist, but was very hesitant and unsure of counseling. They have shared some of the card prompts with me, and they really challenged me to think, process, and go deep. I will be ordering a set for myself because this can be used as a tool to work on yourself, bring up challenges in therapy, use with family and friends, etc. Representation is important, and normalizing therapy in the Black community is vital." - Kelli

  • "Amazing"

    "These cards are so great for my students! I love sharing them with them and using them in my own life. 10/10 recommend." - Kate

  • "Love the Experience"

    "I ordered these cards as I am getting married in June and wanted my Fiancé and I to start our marriage off with open communication with each. And have honestly self-reflection amongst ourselves. So far everything from the packaging to the tips from the cards have been good and easy to put into practice." - Salena

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The Process.

According to Dr. Ebony's framework for gaining insight, there are three main roadblocks that get in the way of people being able to create the changes that they want to see in their lives. These are mental blocks, habits, blocks, and ineffective trigger responses. My Therapy Cards leads you through the process of working through some core issues in each of these problem areas! 

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Get the Journal!

Each of our card decks come with it's own journal to help you navigate working through the cards. There are spiral bound journals for the Teen and Women's Edition.

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Leather Bound Journals!

In addition to the Teen and Women journals, we also have leather journals that are gender neutral, which can also be used with the Men's Edition!

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Get the Family Bundle!

Get a deck for the whole family!

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Who Can Use My Therapy Cards?

  • My Therapy Cards are ideal for everyday people, clients, and THERAPISTS! They are written plain enough for everyone to understand. Whether you are in therapy or want to do your own self-discovery, this deck is for you! My Therapy Cards are also GREAT for therapists to use with their clients! Clients and therapists can use the deck to spark conversation and between session work! What's not to love?!