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My Therapy Cards

My Therapy Cards - RELATIONSHIP Edition

My Therapy Cards - RELATIONSHIP Edition

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My Therapy Cards® - Relationship Edition is great for anyone interested in doing relationships in a better, healthier way! We carefully created this edition for anyone, no matter the relationship status! 

The Relationship Edition is great for couples, singles, people who are dating, people who are separated, or just people who are interested in learning more about the relationship version of themselves!

Just like our other editions, this deck can be worked through alone, friends, with a partner, or with your therapist. And, therapists, YES! My Therapy Cards® - Relationship Edition  is the perfect tool to complement the work you're doing with your clients working through relationship issues.

Created to center relationships, this edition of the card deck is great whether you are in experiencing challenges or just looking to go deeper in understanding how to show up in relationships in a more grounded and evolved way. 

My Therapy Cards® - Relationship Edition is the perfect resource for digging deeper and helping you strengthen your understanding of yourself, while also guiding you to unlearn those things that no longer serve you. 

There are 6 purchasing options to choose from:

- Single Deck - purchase an individual deck for yourself or someone you love. Please select this option if you are buying a deck for someone and would like for us to ship it directly to them. 

- Double Deck - purchase two decks, which will both be delivered to you! 

- 5-Pack - purchase 5 decks, which will all be delivered to you! 

- 10-Pack - purchase 10 decks, which will all be delivered to you! 

- Donate a Deck - anonymously donate a deck to a man of color, who will be selected by our company! 

Buy a Deck, Donate a Deck - purchase an individual deck for yourself and anonymously donate a deck to a man of color, who will be selected by our company! 

 **The card deck is ideal for age 19+. This deck is also great for everyone, no matter how you identify or the type of partnership you're in.**

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Howard Lovely Jr
Self-Reflection / Two-Way-Street

As a single man,...these cards are absolutely indispensable to have in my tool-kit!
Today,...New Years 2024,...I pulled a [Trigger] Card that asked the question: "What prevents you from apologizing?"

At first,.... I was thinking a [one-way-street] as usual,....then I paused and thought to myself:..."when was the last time that I apologized to myself?". "Why am I usually thinking that an apology has to be for someone other than myself?".
The card brought my attention to the fact that I am learning to recognize,... and,... acknowledge my needs, this case,...understanding that [fear & shame] prevent me from apologizing,..... TO MYSELF.
Plus,... I acknowledged where I learned to see an apology in terms of being only directed outside myself,.... at another person.

The behavior of Apologizing,.... is a Two-Way-Street. The choice is just as valid and valuable inward toward myself, well as outward toward another individual.

I Love My Therapy Cards

I highly recommend this cards.