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My Therapy Cards

My Therapy Cards™ Card Deck

My Therapy Cards™ Card Deck

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My Therapy Cards™ are ideal for everyday people, clients, and THERAPISTS! Created with Black women in mind, the card deck is great whether you are in therapy or want to do your own self-discovery! Whether it's your virtual meet up, Sunday Brunch, or girlfriends circle, My Therapy Cards™ would help to create great bonds and resilience! My Therapy Cards™ are also GREAT for therapists to use with their clients! Clients and therapists can use the deck to spark conversation and between session work! What's not to love?!

Although the cards were created with Black women and other women of color in mind, My Therapy Cards™ are useful for anyone who wants to do self-exploration and self-insight work! So grab them for yourself, your friends, or donate to a woman of color in need! 

There are 6 purchasing options to choose from:

- Single Deck - purchase an individual deck for yourself or someone you love. Please select this option if you would like to gift a deck to someone you love!

- Double Deck - purchase two decks, which will both be delivered to you! 

- 5-Pack - purchase 5 decks, which will all be delivered to you! 

- 10-Pack - purchase 10 decks, which will all be delivered to you! 

- Donate a Deck - anonymously donate a deck to a woman of color, who will be selected by our company! 

- Buy a Deck, Donate a Deck - purchase an individual deck for yourself and anonymously donate a deck to a woman of color, who will be selected by our company! 

 **The card deck is ideal for age 19+. This deck is also great for those who identify as male.**


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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Phyllis Howard
Therapy cards

I really and enjoy the cards for journaling


These cards allowed me to have several conversations with men and women in my immediate family.

Nyobe A.
Very helpful

I have been using the cards as journal prompts to help me reflect on.. myself. I like the habit portion, because they’re assisting me with under how certain habits perpetuate anxiety on my life. So far so good.

Marie-Marcelle Millien
Love the cards!

I love the cards. Played with my bestie and it inspired great conversation. It also showed me how far I have come throughout the years, my mindset has evolved and this deck is a great way to see your progress when it comes to your triggers and habits.

Chianna Hall

TOO EXPENSIVE for such a small deck of cards. Overly priced. Very overly priced. Shame

Thank you so much for purchasing the cards and leaving a review! We really appreciate it! We are sorry to hear that the size of the cards did not meet your expectations. Fortunately, though, our customers aren't paying for the size of the cards, but rather the content that is actually on the cards. Unfortunately, we cannot satisfy everyone's pricing wishes or budget limitations, but we do know that our content has been said to be life-changing. Furthermore, the content within My Therapy Cards consists of real questions that have been and are asked in real therapy sessions, which are far more expensive than the current price of the deck. So, if the sizing of the deck is what led you to leave this review and rating, we hope that you would actually take a look at the content and work through the material to really see what you have invested in. Again, thank you for your support!