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My Therapy Cards

Teen Reflection Set

Teen Reflection Set

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This set includes:

  • SINGLE DECK of TEEN EDITION - My Therapy Cards 
  • ONE Teen My Therapy Cards Journal  

There are two purchasing options for this set! You have the option to purchase the Reflection Set for yourself or someone you love. You also have the option to DONATE a Reflection Set to teen of color, who will be chosen by our company. 

Do NOT select the donate option if you want to purchase the set for someone you love! Instead, select the regular set option.

See the Option descriptions below:

  • REGULAR REFLECTION SET - when you select this option, you are purchasing one single deck of the Teen Edition - My Therapy Cards AND one Teen Journal. Select this option if you want to purchase this for yourself or someone you love!
  • DONATE A BUNDLE - when you select this option, you are purchasing one single deck of the Teen Edition - My Therapy Cards AND one Teen Journal to be anonymously donated to a teen of color, who will be selected by our company. Do not select this option if you want the set sent to someone you love. Instead, select the Regular Reflection Set.
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